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The Survival Of The Greek Alphabet

Man does not go to war accepting defeat.
Man goes to war knowing innocents will die
How many will be killed or spared is unimportant
Except as it pertains to the enemy and his ranks
And after all the bodies and the munitions
Have been accounted for and counted as spent
The world will have not changed one iota
But rather it will have been kept in proper order….

2008 © TS

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Who tf made 9/11 tho?
a good sad poem with lots of expression
We cannot replace loved ones but we can find solitude in the comfort of others.A caring word can sometimes make us realise this.Love Duncan
'Humans are brave enough To live and bleed and die, But to be the one remaining As others say goodbye Is too much to withstand.' way to make a girl cry. you speak nothing but the truth. i cheer for you from the sidelines of this world.
most excelent
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