To A Sad Girl

There is no way to explain
Unending sorrow and grief,
No way to kiss a young girl’s cheek
In a way that would give her back

by Uriah Hamilton Click to read full poem

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Who tf made 9/11 tho?
a good sad poem with lots of expression
We cannot replace loved ones but we can find solitude in the comfort of others.A caring word can sometimes make us realise this.Love Duncan
'Humans are brave enough To live and bleed and die, But to be the one remaining As others say goodbye Is too much to withstand.' way to make a girl cry. you speak nothing but the truth. i cheer for you from the sidelines of this world.
most excelent
I agree with Kathleen that this is a very good poem. The final stanza is superb.
Such a sad one, Uriah. Very good poem. Loved the evil stars line.
This is such a remarkable poem Uriah. It's so hard to understand how deep the sorrow is when you are left while your loved ones go unless you've experienced it. This is very well done. Sincerely, Mary
This poem goes with my poems today 'The Candle' and 'Dreamquake.' There must be evil stars about that touched our poetry. This is so sad and very well done. Raynette
Very sad, touching poem.