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To A Songthrush

Oh I could sit and linger
And listen to you singer
Of such delightful songs
The whole day long.

I find listening to your song more pleasing
More delightful and appeasing
Than reading the finest poems created
By the bards most celebrated.

Carolling your enchanting song of glee
Atop the leafy tree
Letting all of the World know
That you've got no pain or woe.

But fairest songster of the plain
You too know the feel of pain
Most of your kin bird starved to death
Under Winter's icy breath.

In the Winter harsh and long
Your throat was bereft of song
Scarcely felt strong enough to fly
And death to you was never so nigh.

But you survived the Wintertime
And lived to feel the warm sun shine
On your dappled breast and dark brown wings
And in thankfulness now sing.

Sing your joyful song of cheer
Whilst the Summer days are here
Summer days will soon be o'er
And Winter will come as before.

Wild born king of melody
Singing on the leafy tree
Listening to your pleasant voice
Makes the heart in me rejoice.

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