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To A Stream

Flow on gently crystal stream
Through the fields serene and green
Down the valleys calm and still
From your birthplace by the hill.

Ceaselessly each night and day
Your water flows it's sea going way
Like a strange everlasting lay
Are the sounds that you portray.

On your green banks brightly glowing
Golden buttercups are blowing
In the warm summer breeze
That sweep gently o'er the leas.

Flow on through woods where the stately pine
Stand so graceful and sublime
Where the goldfinch sing in glee
Midst the leafy alder tree.

Into you little rills flow
And you darken and move slow
And into a river grow
As nearer to the sea you go.

Flow on through the open plain
On through fields of ripening grain
Flow on blissfully and free
Towards your destiny the sea.

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