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To A Suicide...

To A Suicide...

Poem By I wish i was as invisable as he made me feel

In this park i used to dwell,
met a guy i loved so well,
there he stole my heart from me,
and now i have to set it free,
sat another girl on his knee,
and told her things he never told me...

Mum came home late that night,
started searching left to right,
through my bedroom door she broke,
found me hanging from a rope...
grabbed a knife and cut me down,
on the floor a note was found,

Mum: Dig my grave,
dig it deep,
marble stone,
from head to feet,
and on the top,
please place a dove,
and tell the world,
i died for love....

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Comments (6)

Very interesting, suicide for love, a much used idea but its always good to have one this well written.
wow...what won't we do for love? i even wrote a poem about it, check it out sometime
nah i love this one. in my opinion, happy is boring. it's predictable. this is totally amazing! (L)
i really like this one great write.
very deep and emotional write you have here dear.....liked how you wrote this one eventhough its a bit 'dark'......loved your 'happier' poems better but have to still give you kudos on this one for being so well written! ! ! Brian~ try to stick with your other writting style 'happier' more though sweetie! ! !