PG (December 1980 / Essex, Britain)

To A World Beyond The Computer

I don't want to die never seeing the world,
To only sit behind a cold, empty computer,
A computer with no heart or soul,
Where abuse from Twitter spirals out of control,
And Facebook boasts about trips and fake lives,
Inviting strangers into your home,
Cybercrime stealing your details and money,
Just as a pickpocket in the street.

The world beyond a computer goes on,
Because a machine cannot replace life,
For those virtual words can cut,
Just as any aggressive person you might meet,
But getting up in the morning,
Not spending all night on the computer,
And breathing the fresh air,
As you walk down the street,
Is where real street cred is.

Trains and planes are great places to meet people,
With such a variety of looks and personalities,
And I look to these people with wonder,
Hearing about lives that fascinate,
And adventures a computer cannot replace,
For the world is a vast place,
People to be found in this world,
Not a cold, empty computer.

Computers are useful and important,
But it's the people that count,
Friends to be found in the real world,
As well as the online world,
For this world can be anything and everything,
And you can reach for those famous stars,
Along an adventure called life.

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Trains and planes are great places to meet people, . Technology has brought revolution really. This is difficult to live without a computer and internet these days. Amazing sharing...10