BB (03/02/93 / Surrey, England)

To Absent Friends

We raise a glass for an important moment
And memories of everything we’ve lost,
That slipped through our fingers
Linger on every word

To those who said they'd always be there
But never were
To those who became the people
They promised to never be

To those we never doubted,
But today have us wondering why
To those who said one thing to our face
But another behind our backs

To those who were like family
But we wouldn't acknowledge now
To those whose lies we believed
For no reason other than wanting to

To the people who used our trust
And our friendship
To the people who never realised
Just what they're missing

To the people who thought themselves
Too good, too smart or too busy
To the people who judged
Bullied, ridiculed and hated

To the people we gave a million second chances
When they didn't even deserve the first
To the people who pretended
To be everything they're not

But most of all,
A toast to absent friends
Who chose to be.

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