To Add Onto A Collection Of Experiences

The choices made we make,
For our lives to ensure no heartbreaks.
Fixed to a perfectness approved.
To later realize a buyer's remorse,
Wishing for an instant removal from it...
Depends on what is to us received.
Or believed what to us has been sold,
As a purchase to increase...
Those accepted possibilities.
With definitive choices to choose our escapes.

It takes one being awake,
To recognize safety nets are not in place.
It takes one being unafraid,
To face the 'opportunity' to make mistakes.
With a feeling later to discover,
It is okay...
To live a life falling down.
With a getting up from the ground.
Just to add onto a collection of experiences.
And those we keep as priceless treasures.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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