To Address As A Valued Standard Formality

People do not want to hear the truth.
Not as it is apply to the activity of reality.
Nor do they want to take time to listen...
With a patience to comprehend,
Anything mentioned to them...
That may be detrimental to their lives.
And with a quickness they find ways,
To fantasize.

A complaining without an end to this,
Many will do...
After learning they have been deceived.
And these very same people,
Do their best to impress with pretensions.
To address as a valued standard formality.
They don't call this deception.

This is preferred to be called social etiquette.
Intermixing with others also associated,
With the giving of false appearances.
As a feeding of nonsense fed is shared between them.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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