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To Alba - In Gratitude
(1957 / Columbus, NE)

To Alba - In Gratitude

Mujer bonita,
She who graces the forest in the clouds,
Mi quieracita –
Azteca goddess –
She, Coyolxauhqui,
Sister to Eva Luna
(Allende's Sheharazade)
Woman of moon and stars
Who took her matron to task.

She paints with stars
And speaks in moonbeams.
Let her lover approach with care
For she disarms with a glance.

Yet she wears an Arthurian emblem,
The Isle of Apples,
Home to Merlin,
And she ensourcels.

It is a rich coast I sail
In pursuit of her siren song.
My anchorage awash
In her Spanish golden skin.
Her perfect amber eyes – gems –
And onyx tresses
Are treasure enough.

But the gods have given her a voice
That sings of heavenly wonders,
And hands
That craft a new reality with each stroke.

And so I am blessed
To have met this wondrous mélange
Of Nahuatl passion and Spanish grace
With a whiff of Gaelic mystery.

And now I hold a treasure from her hands,
Myself, reflected through her eyes.
I swoon.

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