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To All

To all who trash talk of me in public and call me out of name
If I cannot say them I forgive Of them does that make me the same?
For I am not the type of one to turn the other cheek
Like many I lack in mental strength in ways I too am weak.

Those who bad mouth me I wish to forget but I find it hard to forgive
Since they who bad mouth others do not believe in live and let live
I'm one of those a godless man and those who bad mouth me
I cannot say you I forgive though you are my enemy.

For everyone who builds you up there's one to drag you down
Of those who feel they have the right to judge there are many in the town
Judge not and thou shalt not be judged with those words I do agree
The flaws we see in others in our own selves we do see.

Those who say negative things of me I just wish to forget
To have known them in the first place is a thing I do regret
I am not a man of words as such though with words I too can play
And to those who assault my character respect I cannot pay.

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