Tomorrow Is The Marriage Day

Poem By Thomas Weelkes

No matter
How much
I educate
My daughter,
If she's not
A good cook
Nor a good
Whore to you
In bed, you
Wouldn't fancy her.

It's the age of

If you want your
Wife to work
And bring in
Why not ask
Your mothers
To teach you
Some cooking
And cleaning
So you can
Share the

Instead of being
Brought up
To think
That no matter,
How much
Your wife
She'll always be
Up and ready,
To do all the

And you, the
Lord of the house,
The most deserving,
Unflurried by the fact
That - to be the lady
Of the house, being
A mother, a wife,
A daughter-in-law,
Is Oh! So! Nerve-wracking,
So very tiring, for a woman

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