To All I Have Lost

Poem By Gulliver Gimble

My silence to you is like still air.
Sultry and long forgotten.
Yet, I still think of you.
Brushing away all of our lost time.

It comes in the deepths of night.
In the warmth of summer sun.
This thought from time to time.
To all I have lost.

Do you remember the best times?
Aside from all the good ones?
The really best of times.
When all we had was youth.

I thought I had seen your face today.
Slowly realizing, it was not you.
I began wondering as I always do.
Where you might be in this world.

This is for all the lonely souls.
The broken hearts of yesterday.
Silent whispers on cotton pillows.
Crying yourself to sleep at night.

I know you as I know myself.
My atuned ears are never closed.
But, my heart beats for you softly.
As the day I walked away, awed.

Look back at me in your free time.
Wonder, wonder how I am today.
I surely reckognize my memories.
To all I have lost.

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