DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

To All My Brothers And All My Sisters

I’m walking out alone around the city streets
Thinking aloud why we are all one, but none in the same instant heartbeat
I’m not ashamed of what I am, I've had my bruises and brakes I’m also covered in scars
But still I sit her calling you all my brothers and my sisters,

I’m not afraid of what may be said in my shadows wake,
Life is here for us to explore not to be held back by another’s judgment made poor
So I call out too you all; come on my brothers and come on my sisters, lets make this world a better place with no bruises and blisters

Call out an emotion love and peace, for you can only be what you are
Me and you they and we have a heart of a star,
And on this planet of beauty we can create a new path where the grass grows greener and the sun forever shines, for all we need is love in our lives

For you can only be what you are and that’s a heart beating as bright as a star
Just, hold out your hands if you understand, and help out the resistors as we are all brothers and sisters,
So I call out to you all, lets all be the golden age transistors
To all my brothers and all my sisters
Lets all be golden age transistors

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