BAA (06OCT58 / Alton, IL)

To All My Fallen Brothers, You Are Not Forgotten

Hear the screaming in the night!
Pilgrim's dreams, they did ignite.
Poor souls screeching with a fright.
The Devil's laughing with delight.
See the flames leap ever higher.
Behold the demon that is fire.
Satan's wrath it does inspire.
Tonight shall burn a funeral pyre.
Come hard men who know no fear,
Their brazen souls, the flames do sear.
But for themselves, they do not care.
For god is with them, everywhere!
Men on earth do battle fire.
Their cause, they realyze, is higher.
Firemen, god's warrior be,
but God will have the victory!

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Hi, Bob and Alex Eichen, an excellent poem about firefighter. I also have 3 poems about firefighter...I hope you like them..thank you, U Win Kyi