To All Of Those

To all of those I belong to
for better or for worse;
To all of those that stood by me
to help me through; to fiercely curse.
To all of those that cried together
in the hours of despair;
To that one we love and cherish;
to that one that left us bare.

To all of those I can’t ignore
for they have changed me much;
To all of those I feel compelled
to thank for each, and every touch.
To all of those who laughed together
in the moments of major glee;
To the one we all saw perish:
challenged infinity and stole its key.

To all of those I’ve hated strongly
for their pathetic words;
To all of those I’ve envied for
their blind commitment: they’re all nerds!
To all those who despised each other
when all felt like hell’s recoil;
To the one so strong and bearish
that left us to our greatest toil.

To all of those I’ve loved so quietly
denying all my chills;
To all of those I look at proudly
for whom my heart with pleasure fills.
To all of those that hugged and kissed
when we made affection lord;
To the one we keenly anguish
for he passed away: left no reward.

To all of those that fought in peril;
To all of those that did agree;
To all those whom I write this carol;
To all those I can foresee
a future of unstoppable achievers
who will crush life down
to her wicked knee.

To all of those I may forget;
To all those I won’t remember;
To all those I can’t regret
being to me so warm and tender.

To all you brothers of virgin woes;
To all you sisters of childhood sins;
To all you all for what you’ve been:
I’d wish to thank you, but can’t begin.

I could shed a thousand tears
but none of them could be heard.
I could gulp my single heart
But it would just all feel absurd.

I can only give you simple tidings,
common phrases and awful bidings,
sugar-coat them and assign them
to your much more noble souls

So just know this
as a last good-bye.
Just hear this
last humble sigh:

“To all of you I bid adieu
with this song’s final debris
I could never, ever erase you
For in my heart you all will be.'

by Daniele Pinna

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