To All Of You

To all of you who’ve read my stuff,
And thought it well, but not to ruff,
I take this time to thank you all.
For at this moment, I’m standing tall.

I tried some poems that talked of love,
I even wrote some about the man above,
I wrote a few that were a bit dark,
I even wrote some about a deadly walk in the park.

Some I thought would give you chill’s,
A couple I wrote without the frills,
You never seem to think badly of me,
This is why I write this to thee.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Because everyone has to have a place to start,
Whether your comments to me be good or bad,
At least you’re commenting, and for that I’m glad.

I thank you all for the things you’ve said to me.
You’ve encouraged me to keep writing for all to see.
So with these few lines, for now I’m thru.
I just really wanted to say to all,
“Thank you”

by Poison 9901

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