To All Poets (Thanks)

While reading these poems my heart wanted to cry
as the words and the meanings brought a tear to my eye
remembering the innocence of childhood
which I as a teen greatly misunderstood.
Plz do not stop pouring out youre heart
because in mine youre poems will always have a part.

by Arielle Perkins

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as i was reading your poems and comments i cant seem to see anything but encouragment and happyness. you have inspired me to keep writing and now i have a new respect for people that write. my poems are really nothing great just little things that i wrote down when they happened but now i know (from your encouragement) that i dont have to just write about the bad things that happen but eveyday i could write about the greatness in the world. i truly thank you.
As a fellow poet, I greet you with praise and respect, thank you
You have shared something very kind here.Thankyou for your passion of this art.Love Duncan