DAH ( / Baltimore, Maryland)

To All The Fine Young Men

To all the fine young men,
We thank you.
We register you in the brag books of our memories.
We salute you, removing invisible hats,
Tossing them high in the air for who you are
And who you will become in the spot light of
Time and music.
We shall boast of knowing you 'when',
Comparing you to heroes of another
Time and place, Mr. Cannon Ball, Mr. Charlie Byrd, Mr. Dizzy,
Mr. Miles Davis, Mr. Tatum, Mr. Roach...
Yes, you will live in the brag books of
Our memories, You fine young men,
In complete control of your 'ax',
Waxing our ears with your sounds.
If Little Boy Blue could have blown his horn
Beside you, we would be knee deep in sheep,
Because he would be too busy groving!

9: 05 P.m.
At The Sportsman's Lounge
Gwynn Oak Ave.
Baltimore, Maryland
(Formerly known as Lennie Moore's)

by Dorothy (Alves) Holmes

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