DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

To All The Friends I'Ve Ever Known

What great sorrow is there in our unknowing of faded memories
And every tomorrow comes too late for we sweet dreamers of the nightmare
Shimmering in the glow of spirit night, the evil eye awaits us.
But we are strong, alive within the moment and rising

In you I know myself, In you I trust,
In you I know shines the light fantastic
Glowing and emitting ecstasy unto the soul of the world

We walk within the story

A story of friendship
Of strange love unknown

We walk within the story

A story of friendship
Of futures blurring

Small worlds are colliding

Merging as they submerge the souls of those
That can not stay adrift alike we within
The moment shifting. I'm here to lift you.

With the strength of a mountain
I could rise from within my hermit hole
Given your call in the morning or night
I would ride, a knight without armour
Bearing the golden shield of friendships empowering.

Here I am to shower you with the promise of a better life

Together we have looked upon the world with eyes of ecstatic vision
I have seen you cry
I have seen you laugh
I have passed away the hours with you
As though they were ours, and ours alone to pass away

Screaming from windows at the general public
Up to their general nonsense outside our towers sanctuary.

You have seen me high, tearing the seems of reality with a lions jaw
You've seen me lost and staring into space
Feeling alone although I am surrounded by all
And you've cared, and you've been there
With me sitting in silence, braiding in and out my hair
Shooting hollow daggers at faceless shadows.
Seeing only you as an angel amongst monsters.
I've chased you in the thundering rain
You in a madness only women may master
Screaming more tears than Father Sky could gather.

I have seen you tearing at the boundaries of sanity
And holding on to me, telling me I should not be there for you
That I should leave and let you see it through the blues alone.

What mockery of friendship it would be to leave thee in thy misery?

It seems as though within a dream we have walked another land
As though from past life memories I have the memory of your hand.

So into the story we shall stride again

Destiny’s colliding upon the tapestry of life
Sometimes bending as the winds of fate they blow
But know this, this secret bliss of mine
That beneath the snow the summer breathes
And all it takes is a little time for the
Seeds of joy in rapture to break from the
Soils of secluded solitude into the light.

The memory of death flickers within the eyes of the infant.

I'm here to help you feel
I'm here to make it real for you
Through the blue skies and the grey.
I'm only ever a call away.

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