To All The Girls Wearing Make-Up

Behind every girls drawer there’s a rainbow
Hiding a beautiful monster
Dyeing their hair like a chandelier
Sucking blood from an imagination

Shiny girls in the cool black night
Pulling their hearts aside and die next day
Like vampires in the sun

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nice work here enjoyed the read
Dear Friend, now that was a short one, but those got their charms anyway. Thank god for girls, who dont hide theirs faces. I agree with Vincent, interesting line... using make-up as a way of getting attention.. but in a room with a thousand lights, which will be noticed? the one which is turned off is the answer in my opinion.. keep up the good writing, i'm glad to be friend with such a poet...: p Vi ses på torsdag til en gang fodbold, smukke!
It's a bitch but thats how we get by, I enjoyed the poem
intersting poem with some nice lines.. liked the opener, I was thrown by the thrid line 'dyeing their hair like a chandelier' cant quite get that one, but it did draw me in, and made me want to read more so to try and make sense of that one line. nice work vincent