To Allow It To Manifest

Condoning ignorance,
Does not prepare anyone...
To defend against it.
Even those with an abundant wealth of it,
Have not begun to become haunted,
By the error of their foolish ways.

And to have allowed it to manifest,
As an accepted activity to protect...
Will not ever prove to be,
A decision that has made...
The existence of it cost effective.

Since the price of ignorance,
With its after effects expressed...
By the tolerance of a showing of disrespect,
Has already made its appearance...
Weak on dividends expected.

And an investment now so out of reach,
Many now find too expense to sustain...
As a social disbelief now attacking as if a beast,
That has become much too overwhelming to appease.

And yet there are those still wishing to meet,
With time taken to procrastinate in denial.
Feeling that a doing of this showing of a seriousness,
As a useful benefit to click on a few minds too dim.
Much like a suggestion of a gluing of fallen Autumn leaves,
Back onto tree branches from which they fell.
Proposed sacrastically!
Incredibly enough...
There will be many believing that to be a good idea.

An ignorance deep in depths like this,
Is pointless to make attempts to awaken.
A darkness so embedded,
Will never surface to become enlightened.
No matter who has been appointed,
To control the light switch.
The batteries in some heads are dead.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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