To Amuse At The Expense Of Wasted Time

Would these be betting odds,
That an asking of someone...
Who has done something in their life,
For more than 'sixty years'.
And approached to be questioned,
What they have been doing...
Since they were last seen ten years ago?

And that question has been asked,
By that same person rerpeatedly.
And the response is known.

What would be the likely odds,
That the person asked the question...
Would 'not' be doing,
What has become an obvious love...
For what that person does.

Should the one asking that same question,
Take a gamble and ask another question...
That would initiate a conversation,
Expressing a real interest?
And not just say the same thing to re-tread.

I maybe wrong about this,
Leaving the person feeling a sense of being appreciated,
Would probably reveal a human being existing.
Instead of a novelty to amuse at the expense of wasted time.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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