To Amuse Themselves Into Dire Straits

So many have used their accusations,
To amuse themselves into dire straits...
Contricted to difficulties that has them limited,
To believe their irresponsibilities...
Can be easily shifted and/or from them erased.
While choosing someone else's shoulders,
To place and carry a weight of burdens...
And conflicting lessons to them taught,
Of how they have been historically enslaved...
That enables them to escape from accountability.
Since there are documents 'created',
That proves their suffering on a daily basis to choose...
Excuses this to do with confirmation to validate.

Today few are heard to admit their own mistakes.
Today so many refuse to face the truth to do it.
And it seems there is always one race of people,
Revisiting abuses to them that were done.
But can not move forward to 'overcome',
The disrespect and lack of discipline...
Shown as if they represent their ancestors.
When their ancestors would pick cotton in fields...
To do not to lose their dignities.
Or feel themselves victimized by envy and jealousy,
From others sitting around with ignorant kept beliefs...
That opportunities and a better life to live,
Is a given to those without purpose or identities.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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