To An Angry Sister

Poem By Sranang Bromki

Sister, my sister
Why is it that you speak so loud?
Is it your way to be noticed?
Or your way to make yourself count?
Tell me sister, who will listen?
Who will see?
The words coming out of your mouth
are only those of hatred and bitterness
turning the beautiful sight of you into an ugly one
Why my sister
Is it that you don’t care?
Is it your arrogance
That you appearently seem to think is fine?
Is it your ignorance
Which is obvious when you say those stupid things
Or is it just you being self-centered
Thinking that’s what the worlds looking for?
No, my lovely sister
Is that really all there’s to know about you?
Is that all you have to give?
I know better
You know better and guess what
The world knows better
So lift yourself up sister
And finally be proud of the queen you truely are!

(Amsterdam,26 august 2007)

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