To Anne

You haunted my dreams

with your long hair

dancing in the wind

your slender legs

fairer than cream

standing barefoot

on the virgin earth

the eloquent version of your body

hidden in the plae

pinkness of the translucent

dress you often wore

You're a picture of innocence

with soul as pure as snow

And as I see you

through the vapory

mirrors of time

I saw a different form

a different character

gone was the child

playing with gaeity and mirth

replaced by a much altered form

done with the elegance and style

a scent passing by

Through the hourglass

I whisper

May the divine providence

wrap you in his hand

and make you an angel

with wings of the purest snow

as you were here on earth

~Ria Villaflor 9.16.98

by Ria Villaflor

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