To Appease The Giving To Another

If people stopped pretending they 'know' so much,
About 'this-that-and-such'...
To learn from those who do know 'something',
From a living of a life to have experienced the doing of it...
There would be less conflict,
And comprehension would have an opportunity for them...
To begin with more depth accepted.

But there are those who have chosen,
To know 'more' than they do to impatiently express...
With expectations that others who have acquired patience,
In a process adapted called 'listening' effectively...
That a hearing of a nonsense automatically is rejected.
And this might upset those unprepared to get this directed.

Those of patience should not be regularly expected,
To repeatedly hear that which has been heard...
That has certified an acquiring of their patience to understand.
Especially if a nodding in agreement is in view and observed.
'Okay! I've heard you. Let's move on from that.'
But some folks just don't get it.
They wish to revive with a trying a resuscitating of a dead horse.

Of course,
No one wishes to confine within their mind,
An occupying to constantly revisit someone else's nonsense.
Nonstop and without end with a wasting that begins.
To border on becoming offended.
At no time of any given day just to appease the giving to another...
A determined empathy to addict the selfishness to feed that is apparent.
For the purposes to boost, yet again, a confidence one refuses to test.

'To those I have expressed where the grass grows.
And where that crack splits to kiss,
I am not reluctant to expose.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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