To Argue Their Point Of View

So many living today as they choose,
Seem unable to face or see the truth...
For what it is without gloss or sweetened scents.
It does appear to be clear...
These are the very same people quick to turn backs,
From facts after they have asked for them.
To then demand, 'What's going on? '
With their eyes closed tight to a reality in sight.
And yet...
Request to be heard when discussing the past.
As if to relive lives they had but did not feel fulfilled.
Since a kept preference to embellish,
That which did not exist...
Is more worthy to argue their point of view,
With those who have chosen to keep their eyes open.
To know 'What's going on'.
But repeatedly attacked by those refuting to dispute,
The facts of life as they are.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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