To Be

To Be

To Be; is to be alive

To Be; is to survive

To Be; is to smile

To Be; for more than a short while

To Be; one for the other

To Be; a sister or a brother

To Be; to give your love to some one like you

To Be; to believe in God and thank it for the view

To Be; not for me but for you

To Be; God loves each one even before the book of Hebrew

To Be; not for the trials, the burdens or even the tears

To Be; but to share your love for many, many years

To Be; To do that which pleases your God

To Be; to return the love which created from the sod

To Be; is better than not to be

To Be; because of its love we shall be set free.

03-31-06 Aho Speaks

by AHO Speaks

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