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To Be A Dancer.
SS Samatha Smith (February,5,91 / Calgary)

To Be A Dancer.

The feeling of love and life
to have each toe upon the stage
doing what you crave most
for no amount of wage.

Every spin and every reach
each leap and grapevine slide
gives the feeling of joy
and never the chance to hide.

When you perfect your routine
or forget a bit preforming
you get older and learn
that rythems are transforming.

Hiphop, lyrical and ballet
are some things you practice each day
Jazz, modern and tap
you could to from september to may.

To dance is a commitment.
To move is a high.
Whe hope seems to break
you must always remember to try.

Anyone can sway to a beat
and show off their moves
but to take it to heart
is what a real dancer proves!

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exactly, Samatha! well-written. once a dancer at heart, always a dancer at heart. Sus