To Be A Dragon Is To Live Free!


The intense feeling of power
The burning passion for fire
The freedom to go anywhere
The freedom, the power, the fire.
What a life it would be
I envy the legend that is still told
I envy the fire; i envy the freedom
Straight forward: i wish i was a dragon.
I wish i could fly anywhere
I wish i could have that power
And that effect on people.
The thing that makes them wonder
The thing that gives the moment of awe.
Straight forward: i want to be free
To fly anywhere i need
To play my music
To guard my passion
To write my lyrics
To breathe my fire
To cry when i need to
To let it all out
Whenever i need to
To be always on MY TIME
All other time has passed
And disappeared and almost stopped
So i could breathe for just one moment
So i could breathe my fire
My fire, my passion
My life, is my life so let me be

To be a dragon is to live free!

Comments about To Be A Dragon Is To Live Free!

the dragon is a powerful animal let it live inside you
hehe lol...i pray you be a dragon in your next birth....will join you too...nice poem..enjoyed reading it...sebastine...
To be a dragon is to live free and to be a poet is to have an imagination as fiery as the flames of the sun. You don't have to envy the legend, Brittany. You already are the legend. That was the most legendary, fiery poem ever! I wish I were you.

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