To Be A Woman

It's difficult to
be a woman
In these times
to be a

by Laura arwen Click to read full poem

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wow, so proud of you poetess with intelligence to praise women all over the world, keep it up, i pray you intensive memory to do so.
You have perfectly defined the real essence of being a woman in this piece...thank you for sharing this tribute...10++++++
The woman is vulnerable and unforeseeable The woman's evolution is a continual analysis.. you seem to have sat only to think of your womanhood and deeply meditated........your insights about a women is so true dear poetess. loved reading your thoughts..... thank u..... tony
'Sometimes to be a woman is a death sentence - I wonder why it might be so!
THE WOMAN IS A BIG EMBLEM TO SOLVE - I like the openness of this statement, its vast arena of possibilities. Your poem is one of passion and sadness, open revolt and righteous anger. One of the great celebrations of WOMAN is the ending Goethe wrote for his FAUST: this is a paraphrase: EVERYTHING ON EARTH IS TRANSITORY AND INCOMPLETE. WE ENCOUNTER RIDDLES BUT NOT ANSWERS. BUT WE DON'T DESPAIR. WE KEEP STRIVING, BECAUSE THE ETERNAL FEMININE DRAWS US ONWARD AND UPWARD. When Goethe wrote that in the 1820s he was the rare male poet who acknowledged women's equality with men and common purpose in human life. How far you have traveled on your own resources. You no longer need a male poet, however great, to speak for you. Your poems do the speaking.
It is a beautiful poem on woman having edifying diction. Great imaginary. Thanks for sharing.
To be a woman! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.