To Be Able

To be able to give without saying,
or to say without giving.
Would leave one always guessing,
and wondering if the person that they,
most care for is even willing to share at all.
So my advice is to be open and honest
for that's where trust comes from.
In any relationship, it's a must.
We all have a fear or rejection,
yet have to go through it at least one time.
But if love isn't real.
It's most certainly not worth a dime.
I myself do cherish the memories I have.
Some come with sadness, other's with joy.
To be able to wash away the aching feeling,
when you have loved and lost.
To be able to know the meaning left,
and at what cost.
To be able to rise above the pain and,
realize life does go on.
But if love isn't real,
it's most certainly not worth a dime.

by Mary Christine Lucas

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