To Be Discussed. Or Left Confused

The fewer the words said,
Short and not selected...
To go over one's head.
Or contemplate the meaning.
Will leave a picture...
For those listening to clearly see,
What a speaker intends.
Without need of definition.
Or an interpretation anyone begins.
To be discussed. Or left confused,
By the view that is direct.
And not abstracted to be effective.

'I was not prepared for this.'

~Prepared for what? ~

'The simplicity of it to accept or refuse.
I came ready to be appalled.'

~Join the rest of us.
There is nothing revealed to protest.'

'And that's what leaves me left upset.
Let's review what has been said.
To then make an excuse to refuse,
A truth that has been addressed.
With no attempt to impress us to express it.'

What sense would that make? ~

And that is why,
We should be the ones...
Not to admit some has been made.
Agree? '

~I think you are right.
I'm with 'you' completely.
At least we are still entitled,
To object to the obvious.
To be discussed. Or left confused to pretend,
Our opposition.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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