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To Be First!
SH (February 22,1948 / Sulphur Springs, Arkansas)

To Be First!

I am so selfish!
I want to be first in line!
I push and I shove—
I grab and I take—
Because I want to be first!
I want to be Number One!
I want to be the Pet!
A spoiled child l am—
If I can't be first
Then just count me out!
I will get brownie points—
I will!
I will stand on my head—
And I'll do somersaults—
Anything to get your attention!
You see, I want to be first!
I'm spoiled and I'm rotten—
Not so good as you might think!
All I want is to be first in line!
I am a pig—I have to have more
Than my share!
I am not 'Goody-Two-Shoes' who
Always washes her hands!
I'm a brat and I know it—
But I do want to be firstIn line—
With my apple
All shined and ready to hand
To my favorite teacher—
To my favorite friend!
If I can’t be first in line
Sit me in a corner and
There I'll pout!

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Comments (2)

I thought it was okay at first, and then I read the last few lines. It's cute and, indeed, it can mirror most humankind, at least at one point or another. But, hopefully most of us have grown past the point of such selfishness, or at least past the point of whining so frivolously about it.
I think this poem really describes most of us more than we can ever acknowledge because we are really our own most important person whether we like to admit it or not.