To Be Held Again (Prose Poetry)

Poem By Andrea Cebrecos

It no longer felt connected to its music partner due to it being put away in its case for to long of a while. Although its prison was soft and warm and protected it from the outside world, it longed to be freed and played. Its golden body longed to be held, its keys to be gently pressed. It wanted to emit a long and warm sound, to play scales and chromatics up and down. It could not do any of this however, since it had been sentenced to an unknown amount of time of silence and seclusion. One day though, its isolation and loneliness would end and, knowing this, it patiently waited.


Comments about To Be Held Again (Prose Poetry)

A compendious & mellifluously smooth penning, young lady.Solid Work, indeed. ~ FjR ~
Leave the reader in a state of poised suspense, ... and that's what it's about ~ welcome, Andrea! ~sjg

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