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To Be Honest

Is this what it comes down to
This so called charade
If i pointed this gun to my head
Would you have it made

Do you feel like a princess or a queen
I thought honesty was your art
Your so good at your little lies
I know I'll shoot blanks as a warning
No tears raining from your eyes
To be honest
Your the one with no heart

Ive had enough
Of this little game
For you princess
Well to grow up must be a shame
To be honest
I hate you i must profess

Why can't you be happy?
Why can't you show love without saying love?
You'll get lost in the crowd
And i dont think ill ever come back down
I dont think ill ever come back down
I dont think ill ever come back down
From this cloud

This light is getting dim
Its ever so often you get such a whim
A closed eye on me
An open heart on him
To be Honest
This so called love makes life grim

She says: 'I just wants to be friends'
Is this how it ends
You never gave it a chance
Seems you can never make up your mind
Is this the end are you sure
Are you sure
Are you sure
To be Honest
Princess you have no cure

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To be honest Kylie, this was a helluva work. Anyone who doesn't believe he is sixteen is mistaken, he's this talented, and he is that young....I should know he's my best friend. but great work Kyle, a little emo, but good nonetheless
Love the name. Love the title. Don't believe the persona for a minute! But that is my paranoia of being an internet writer or nearing men AHHHHH Pause age perhaps! lol You describe the tug of love/hate relationship perfectly Captain. But for you to write this at 16 seems pretty far fetched all the same. Excellent rhythm to this poem. Welcome to PH, I look forward to reading more, Tai