KB (July 21,1957 / Provo, Utah)

To Be Human

What is it to be human
in relationship to
seeing, observing
being not quite like

Mirror mirror in the brain
the brain and the spine
excited when observing
another's behavior

Motor resonance
a movement in you
moves me
excites my wondering
why did you
reach out your hand
how does it change
our relationship

I watch you and wonder
trying to feeling into
what you mean
and who I am
in relationship to

Oh I see
that is how one moves
when they are angry

that is how one walks
when the brain and the muscles coordinate

Yes, I get it
that is how one laughs
when one's face is fully expressed

Terrific, I feel it now
that is how one eats dinner
when dopamine courses through one's brain

I see you
feel your reflections
insights into the one
another one

by Kimberly Burnham

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