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To Be Like A Butterfly

Everybody is envious
Of the colourful butterfly
His delicate wings
And graceful flight
He is the epitome of happiness! !

But have you ever wondered
The challenges he faced
Growing up without his parents
Struggles as a caterpillar
Risking his life for daily leaf
No friends he can count on
The few he looked upto
want to swoop down
and make a meal of him

Nobody to guide him and support him
during his metamorphosis
And yet
His unflinching belief in the process

Today he is your role model
You want to fly like him
Look attractive, be loved by all
Flirt with the wind
Travel from one flower to another
Drink nectar and be in bliss

Are u ready for the struggle
Are u ready to take risk
Are u ready to believe

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Wonderful poem, it has imagery, story and the imagination, thanks for sharing.
Even most difficult mountains and hills look very beautiful from far away and one realizes their steepness and other formidable features when one goes near them. Similarly butterflies too have to face keen struggle for existence though one may take them as carefree and happiest species. Beautifully conceived thought provoking poem. Thanks for sharing.10 + points.