To Be Me

The lights have gone out,
It's time to sleep.
It's time to lie down and,
let out all those tears.
It's time to wish another life
It's time to dream of a better one

But the morning will come,
to take me back to reallity.
Take me back to where
all I do is wrong.
Take me back to a life
full of lies

I'm giving up I just can't do it anymore
No more lies, no more frowns
There is only one way to end this,
And that's to turn my life around.

It's time for a new start,
a new me.
It's time to change my ways,
and make them see,
There is more to me
than meets the eye

It's time to show them,
that they are wrong
It's time to hide once again,
to prove that I can be strong.
Maybe then they will think i'm fine
Maybe then they will leave me alone.

From this day on
I will hide what it trurley
means to be me,
Just so they think
I'm ok once again

written on 3/4/2010

by jess jayne

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