I wished to travel with you my mom
Your question left me wondered
If we could make an entry to Disney Land together
Its so crowded and packed.
If we loose each other on our way
Though we were holding our hands tight and tied together to each other.

If we never meet each other after that entry
Though the journey to amusement park began together
Imagine the plight of one who is left behind all alone
Waiting for the other.

Today, you have to take me mom along with you on your path of travel.
If your hands are strong enough to pull me
If your hands have firm grip to hold me tightly
If you are confident you will never leave me behind on the way and go alone.
Like when I was small once!

I am ready to travel with you mom
As I am sure you wont leave me alone behind!
Is it possible?

© 2014.

Geetha Jayakumar.

by Geetha Jayakumar

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The people you speak of are also workers among workers and the author recognizes art that is useful as more beautiful than art that is merely observed.
Hurtful to people who give their widow's mites of physical strength to society and to churches. Also seems to imply that the only art worth of being on the walls
I remember the first time I read this poem in the 1970's! It went straight to my heart and became central to my approach to life! I feel as strong an emotional connection to it today as when I first discovered it! ! Can you imagine giving such a gift as this to the world?
Such a perfect poem for the times of today. It's so much better to admire a hard physical worker wh may work for peanuts than one who sits high up and passes the buck while raking in millions. A wonderful write!
Love it! ! girl power!
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