To Be Old School

So glad I am to be old school.
With a learning to give respect to others,
Is something from myself I expect and do.
Regardless if I should get it or not,
In my head this is embedded...
As a part of me I can not stop.

I am glad to be called 'O.G. and old school.
And not believe what others choose to do,
Is in need of my approval.
Or the telling of tall tales told not true.
To then pass judgements made to compare,
With footsteps I've made to those not there.

I am glad I have achieved being old school.
To have made mistakes to exam and correct.
Although being old school has disadvantages too.
Since many who are elders,
Seem unwilling to sit in those positions.
And insist that an aging to do is a state of mind.

No state of mind can I find in denial.
To say less is the mess left and created,
By those who are older encouraging the ones young...
That a participating in a mess is acceptable.
When those from the old school allow this to welcome.

I don't. And wont.
No matter who perceives me to be an old fool.
I'm not one to be romancing or dancing around the bush,
When I mention to the young folks living today...
I admire their independence and the way it's displayed.
But a stepping on my foot to disrespect my life,
Will not be on my time to find this okay to do. It aint.

So glad I am to be old school.
And proud to have achieved,
Those things I've done and able to do.
And if there should be anyone believing,
Much younger I would rather be...
Only those with thoughts like this with them to sit,
Are the ones who have grown older to reminisce...
Wishing respect to them was shown to get.
And I don't have wishes left kept to regret like that.
If I did I'd be sitting in a prison with those visions.
After finding GOD and time to turn off a foolish steam.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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