Against Discrimination.

Discrimination we see in many ways
Discrimination that makes life difficult
A child is entitled to grow its own way
Its own freedom, its own thoughts
Its own ways, with modified styles if need be
Why they are discriminated, a question mark
On gender, language, place, citizenship
Color, faiths, all discrimination there
Against equality, against justice
Wonderful ways of earthly life there visible
let the world of human beings more friendly
Let there be voices against discrimination.
World of wisdom what the world require
World of compassion that to be spread
Why one suffer the discrimination at all.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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Smush is such a great word! You've started something here. Love it! Chrissie
CJ, I can't wait to run around and ask women if they wanna 'smush'. The results should be interesting. Great poem! ! Kenneth
Yes, Rusty, you may certainly chuckle! Thank you, now smush away! Hugs, CJ
Yes, Rusty, you may certainly chuckle! Thank you! Hugs, CJ
CJ, I hope I was supposed to chuckle, cause I did. Will my wife understand if I ask her if she wants to SMUSH? This is brilliant. Rusty