(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

To Be One

In thinking on the matter,
feelings of lust and love
can’t originate in the heart.
A heart is merely a muscle.

The sensuality and
sultry want
of another human being,
must come from
a more spiritual place,
a central core,
somewhere deep within.

Passion felt is wonderful.
It’s like wanting
a vast, impossible
total body merge.
Like a blue clay
with a pink clay,
love and lust being
the resultant color.

Making love is
the closest thing we have
to total oneness.
True intimacy is, well,
the penultimate

by C.J. Heck

Comments (5)

Smush is such a great word! You've started something here. Love it! Chrissie
CJ, I can't wait to run around and ask women if they wanna 'smush'. The results should be interesting. Great poem! ! Kenneth
Yes, Rusty, you may certainly chuckle! Thank you, now smush away! Hugs, CJ
Yes, Rusty, you may certainly chuckle! Thank you! Hugs, CJ
CJ, I hope I was supposed to chuckle, cause I did. Will my wife understand if I ask her if she wants to SMUSH? This is brilliant. Rusty