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To Be Or Not To Be

What will become of Scotland
What if Alex gets his way
Will independence be the answer
Or will Scotsmen rue the day
Are the people up there ready
Will they vote the way he wants
Will the voters even listen
Or will they heed the Tory taunts

Can they make it on their own
Is that what they need to know
Will the Holy Wullies have their way
Or a free land build and grow
Is Westminster ready
Will they really say goodbye
If the voters don't say yes
Will they get another try

Will the economy ever get stronger
Will this gloom ever end
Is this really the right time
For England to lose a friend
Will the Scottish voters listen
To their heart or to their head
Will we face these troubles together
Or is the Union dead

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Just sent a comment on your poem and voted you a big 10. If you have time would you read my poem. “If you die before me” and comment and vote it. I did it for you now Thank you. Tony God bless you. Please don’t forget to vote the poem. Voting is important in this website.