To Be Or 'Not' To Be Crazed?

To Be or 'not' to Be crazed?
Is that the question to be raise today?
As a craziness seems very obvious,
To be a part of these head splitting days!

To Know Or remain secure in ignorance?
There may be some advantages...
In not trying to comprehend an insanity,
That has descended to begin without end to it.

And those who make attempts to hide a knowledge...
Should burn all credentials,
With a mindless foolishness...
That is frolicked as if to gleam from being polished.

If everyone is upset,
By a mess that is clear,
Why be the one left...
Who 'appears' to be sincere?

To Be or 'not' to Be crazed?
Is not a question to be raised today?
To be sick of dealing with nonsense...
Is like soliciting for membership to an unending parade.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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