TTO ( / Washington State)

(((To Be Quite Frank)))

T omorrow will open itself wide with view
H onering all the hero's this day
E ver praising their character & diligence
V igilant and tenacious in every way;
A lways keeping an eye out for danger
C arefully keeping close track
A ttending ones persona-oft' hidden
T racking all that have intentions to attack;
I n such sinister days as these are
O ne must always be very aware
N ever to loose our protective mechanisms
W eary of those who do not care;
A mazing are our caring friends who volunteer
T hey are our true hero's of rescues drive
C arefully following that loose stallion in the Light
Heeding and protecting-to keep us all alive;

For My: Practicing The Golden Rule
June 28,2010

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