(to Be Read While Listening To Beethoven’s “moonlight Sonata”)

Blue and empty,
The night devoid of you.
I speak to other worlds
In my walks beside the lake.
The blue, blue waters are crystal clear,
A deep velvet blue in the twilight.

She is gone,
Another world an eternity away.
No longer will our starry nights end
With goose bumps all around,
No rush to the house to get warm
Beneath wool blankets pulled high.

The pond where the ducks swim
Is deserted at night.
A feeling of something lost
Strikes me, guilt of things undone.
The streetlights give a faint glow
To the nocturnal world.

Melancholy through the night,
As hours pass, in earthly limbo.
I cannot imagine an end to night.
I find a bench and sit,
To thoughts of her voice,
Which life as I walk again.

by Cody Simpson

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Your blue poem is pure enchantment. I can easily imagine reading it while listening to 'Moonlight Sonata'. Warm regards, Sandra