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To Be Red, Or Blue

To Be Red, Or Blue

Poem By larry wissleberry

I can't decide
if I'd prefer
to be a Red State
or a Blue

They've come apart
tossed perimeters
like a puzzle
I outgrew

Red ones hide
Don't they know?
The world is not
that bad

Finding tears
is easier
Lost blues
makes them sad

Won't someone
push them close?
As if seen from
outer space

How quickly
would they realign
to poles of
wealth and race?

If only
there were a Swift Boat
riding back to
September 10th

Before the game
became a test
of military

But here! Alone!
Ohio is.
Does her heart
not want insured?

Or does she fear
like everyone
and need to be

Once pure
a spot of green
over which
the coastals flew

Now you decide
for all us:
To be Red,
or Blue


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