To Be Someone Else

Poem By Yavor Kostov

Who am I? A successor of monkeys?
A miserable fragment from a big bang?
A dreamer aimlessly walking in loneliness?
Ironically doomed to end desperate and pitiful,
Lifeless and grey?
An animal with morals put into a plot of a boring film…
Fated to fight with the failure of the ungrateful,
Someone who ends because he has never been…
Who am I? I am not the things that others believe
I’m not an illusion nor am I a smoke from the chimney
I’m someone who’s loved
Someone who’s been redeemed with a high price-
Redeemed by the love of God.
That’s me.
I am not rich but I am free
And that’s enough.
But do you know what-there is another question-
Who are you?

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