To Be Treated With Sincerity

Old tactics used to finesse from me,
My common sense...
With maneuvers thought to flatter,
A desperate ego.
Especially if the expectation,
Is to actually have such tactics work...
To leave me distracted to massage my own mind.
This approach some may find,
To leave them disappointed.

And I'll share this with emphasis.
Since I am in the mood to confess.
If one is intending to shiver me to see goose bumps,
A simple invitation to my favorite restaurant...
Suggesting I can eat whatever I want,
And not concern myself with paying for it?
Will get me to jump through hoops and do backflips.
And those who know me intimately know the truth of this.

Don't get me wrong!
I can cook and love to do it.
But to be treated with sincerity attached?
What else could there be for me to ask for?
My needs are as basic as they come.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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